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  • Rulga Bill

    Oh, what a lovely day it is in the farm. Hi, I’m Rulga Bill, son of Mulga Bill. I love bicycles, even though my dad says bicycles are a terror. He always tells me the story of him and his bicycle. It goes like this: One day, my dad suddenly decided that he was going […]

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  • Limericks

    The Girl named Tina There was a girl named Tina who was not happy. In fact, because she wasn’t happy, she was quite snappy. She was sad because she was quite bad. That doesn’t make sense, so she was mad. So she made a spaceship, and was not so crappy.

  • Historical Fiction
  • Dan-3

    This morning, I was escorted to captain’s tent, and I was nervous as I walked in. Inside, Captain was sitting on a chair as if he were the king of the world. When he saw me, he told me that I had disobeyed the Governor’s orders and I should have a good night sleep, as […]

  • Historical Fiction
  • Dan-2

    Today, I remembered that there was a law that said if we took something from the neighbouring people (Warawi), we would have to give the owner consumption. I talked to Soldier Goodwin about it, but he said it was the Governor’s orders, but it wasn’t, it was Captain’s. Because the Governor said we couldn’t steal […]

  • Historical Fiction
  • Dan 1788

    Today, something terrible happened. I had to take away Warawi’s Native dog. This is what happened: Today, Warawi’s Native Dog kept on following me, and captain saw her. He asked me if it was a Native Dog. I couldn’t lie, so I told him “Yes, sir.” As soon as I said that, I knew I […]

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  • But when I looked behind me

    Something squeaked, but when I looked behind me, nothing was there. Then I saw an old, worn, shoebox. Slowly, I creeped toward the old shoebox and opened it very carefully. Suddenly, A lunatic rabbit jumped out and he shouted out dramatically: “Oh dear, Oh dear!” and then he jumped through a hole that opened out […]

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  • 100WC T3W4

    I remember the time when a floating car park close to bay got washed over by a wave. It tipped the cars like they were tiny toys. The sea had turned black because of the fuel that ran from some of the cars. The car park owner stared and tears burst out of his eyes. […]