A train sped up a rusty old highway track. The screws moved, grinding on the edges. The train conductor didn’t notice. And as they made a stop half-way through because their brakes had stopped, a screw fell out, dropping into the darkness below and out of sight. It was followed by other screws. And the rails slowly fell out. The captain noticed, and, despite his experience, he couldn’t make the train go. The train hanged down from the tracks, swaying side to side. Little kids cried, making a lot of noise. They called the police, and in 30 minutes, they arrived.

The police spoke to the conductor as others helped people out. If only it was a bit smaller and heavier…


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  1. Sam says: Reply

    Hi Apple.

    There are lots of great words in this story! I love how you describe things as well!

    Why were the screws loose? Why was the track so rusty?

    Keep it up, from Sam.

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